Social Ballroom Dance Parties

Orange Coast Ballroom hosts regular social ballroom dance parties for you to practice your dance moves and just have fun.  All styles of music are played, so you may practice Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Tango and More.  See our calendar for our next upcoming dance party.

We offer various personalized private dance lesson programs to help you learn efficiently and with ease.  Private dance lessons are the most efficient way of learning how to dance, and the best way to prepare for any event or special occasion.  

Orange Coast Ballroom will make your wedding dance unforgettable.  Our instructors can help you pick out music, choreograph your dance, and take all the stress and guess work out of planning for your first dance.

Ballroom Dance Competitions

Group dance classes are a fun way to meet new people, learn new dances, step patterns and timings.  They are excellent for reinforcing what you are learning in your private lesson dance programs, and provide you with extra practice prior to our social dance parties.

Group Dance Classes

Wedding Dance Lessons

Experience the fun and excitement of the competitive side of Ballroom Dancing called Dancesport.  If you enjoy getting dressed up, and have a competitive nature, then Dancesport competitions are for you.  See our studio calendar for upcoming Ballroom Dance competitions and events. 

Ballroom Dance Lessons and Programs

Private Dance Lessons